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Buying Real Estate in Miami and South Florida

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Buying property is not as cut and dry as it was in the past. In this area there are so many choices and each person has their own list of wants and needs. It is our objective to find you what you want and make it as easy and enjoyable process as possible. Our first conversation may sound like an interrogation as we will ask many questions and try to gather as many details about what you are looking for are far as location, view, amenities, size, price range. Those are the basics, then we will ask if you are buying with cash or will you need a mortgage.

If you are financing we will ask you how much you plan to put down. Now a days the world of financing has changed and it is important to get as much information as possible up front, because some types of properties require a larger down payment than others. So we want to make sure we don’t waste your time and focus on what you want and what can work for you.

We walk you through every phase of the process. We will also expose to as many types of choices and areas as you need to narrow down your search. Everybody is different some people are very familiar with the area and know exactly what they want and others are not as familiar and need more guidance. We will give each buyer as much guidance as they want and need. We have a data base of qualified professionals we can recommend to you from Mortgage Companies, Title Companies, Short Sale Negotiators, Property Inspectors, Insurance Agents, Decorators, Contractors. We can also put you in touch with Country Clubs, Schools and Day Care. In most cases we will give you more than one choice so that you can find who and what you feel most comfortable with.

Our goal is to make you feel at ease and most people feel at ease when they know the people they are working with are thorough. You will find that we are very accessible, knowledgeable and professional.