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Selling your Home in Miami and South Florida

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How do you choose a listing agent for your property? Here are some questions to ask yourself and them.

The first thing is how hard was it for you reach them? If it was a big effort for you to reach them then chances are it will be the same when buyers or other agents try to reach them to find out information on your property or see it?

Another question is asking price when you asked them what price you should list at did they tell you what you wanted to hear just to get the listing or did they give you their honest opinion and back it up with data?

When you ask about marketing your house do they have a marketing plan? What will they do in terms of advertising and exposure to sell your home. Will they have professional photos taken and have a virtual tour done?

Does the agent attend the showings or do they send other agents and buyers to view your home on their own? If so who points out the selling points to your home and exposes why your home is the right choice for the buyer?

How fast did the offer to cut their commissions to get your listing? If they cut their own salary to get your listing, will they cut your sales price to get the sale?

How hard did the agent work to get your listing, where they honest and professional and would you buy a home from this person?

The Block Team will be happy to answer the above questions and any other questions you may have about how they would sell your home or what you could do to sell your home faster.